All-Girl Electric String Quartet


Pelican’s Halftime Show

The girls and I just had an AMAZING time doing the halftime show for the New Orleans Pelicans!

See them here all decked out in full multi-color garb!

They remind me of a superhero team. Maybe Power Rangers?

Lookin' good in multicolors!

Virtuosa Backstage at Smoothie King Center

Purple is the new Purple

Managed to sneak a great photo of the girls taking a break at a recent event. They arranged themselves like this on their own, I swear!

Shortly afterward Amanda threatened my life, but I got a good image out of it.

Photo taken at the beautiful Elms Mansion on St Charles Ave.

Purple outfits!

New Purple Outfits!



Virtuosa Get a New Look!

Check out these new customized outfits!

Our very special client, Ally Bank (via Hosts Global New Orleans) requested a new set of beautiful purple and magenta outfits, which we happily set up for them!

They came out great, even though some of the girls look like they’re shooting laser beams out of their eyes in this semi-candid shot.


New outfits for the girls!

Check out the custom purple dresses and wigs!

New Recording!

We’ve finished one of the new tunes we recorded for the upcoming wedding season!

Look up to the right to see “Trumpet Voluntary”.


It’s the first tune of ours to fade in the backing track. You’ll notice that the girls sound great with or without accompaniment!



Private Party: A Study in Cold Fingers

New costumes were a hit!  Maybe not with the temperature on December 23rd, but they’ll look great for more events in the future, too.

We got to play our Holiday program twice this season! In true New Orleans form, it was outdoors right before Christmas, but just warm enough to work.  The client was kind enough to provide a space heater, which managed to keep the frostbite off :)


Mary had the best lighting, so she got the most pictures taken.  Also, note the floor-based lighting. The best choice for illuminating violinists’ backsides. Also great for making Mary look HUGE on the wall. King Kong, eat your heart out.

Spooky Christmas Shadow. Woooooooooooooooo

Roughing it



Getting prepped to go into the studio next week! We’re recording a few wedding tunes for your listening pleasure; both ceremony and reception music. We’ll be tracking and mixing at the very new Marigny Recording Studio (not even a website yet!), with the amazing Rick G. Nelson at the board.

Check out Rick Nelson’s website here!


New Gilded Music Stands in time for Entergy Event!

We just got our hands on a set of beautiful gilded music stands to make our shows even shiner. I can’t post photos of them in action at our recent event for power company Entergy (for contractual issues), but photos soon to come!

Here’s a photo (Courtesy of

Gilded Music Stand

New Holiday Tunes!

I just finished a batch of new Holiday tunes! Our client needed a batch of non-religious holiday music (which is surprisingly difficult to find), and I found a batch for her!  We now have charts and backing tracks for Greensleeves, Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bell Rock, and the Trepak from The Nutcracker. I’d love to do a set of Jewish tunes for a wedding or Bar Mitzvah sometime. Any takers?


Welcome to Virtuosa’s new website!

Thanks for stopping by!

We’ll be updating this regularly with news and photos from Virtuosa gigs.

Please have a look around and don’t be afraid to email us with questions!